Pastor Rod & Cindy Loy

Senior Pastor
Pastor Rod and Cindy have been in full-time pastoral ministry for over 30 years. They have been at First NLR since 1991 and have been Senior Pastors since 2001. Cindy is our Early Childhood Director.  Pastor Rod is the author of 3 Questions, Immediate Obedience, After the Honeymoon, and Help! I'm In Charge.
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Rod & Cindy

Glenn & Reta

Reta Russell

Executive Team Leader

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Randy, Heidi, Morganne, & Bethany

Pastor Randy Jumper

Young Adults Pastor /
Missions Pastor

Layne & Marsha

Pastor Layne Mason

Recovery Pastor

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Gary, Chelsey, Elliott, & Sarah

Pastor Gary Tomlinson

Deaf Ministry Pastor /
Student Pastor

Larry & Tina

Larry Daniel 

Network Administrator

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David & Shirley

Shirley Maynard

Mature Adults Director

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Aaron, Miranda, Kinsley, & Ryann  

Aaron & Miranda Stone 

Visual Media Director (Aaron)
Chief Financial Officer (Miranda)
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Brian, Cherith, Ashton, & Jordan 

Pastor Brian Dollar

Associate Pastor

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Parker & Meredith

Pastor Parker Loy 

Online Pastor /
Student Pastor
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Dave & Cheryl

Pastor Dave Richards

Latino Ministry Pastor

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April Bardin 

Database Manager

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Kane, Kristy, Weston, & Garrett

Kane Dorsey 

Director of Care & Connections
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Joey, Lauren, Tripp, & Parker

Joey Piwetz

Facilities Director

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Mike, Becca, Laila, & Nate

Becca Winslow 

Executive Assistant to Pastor Rod Loy
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Tim & Morgan

Pastor Tim Hill

Kids Pastor /
Events Coordinator
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Tyler, Emilie, & Evie

Pastor Tyler Loy

Kids Pastor /
Pastoral Care Pastor
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Brad, Sonya, & Maddy

Pastor Brad Russell

Worship & Music Ministry Pastor
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Leon & Kathy

Kathy Brockinton 

Human Resources Director
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Donnivane, Sharon, Hannah, Nick, Elizabeth, & Lamaria 

Sharon Hall 

Volunteer Central Director 
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Kelsey & Danielle

Danielle Smith 

Bookkeeping /
Production Assistant
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Board of Directors

Left to Right:  Rick Harrell, Lindsey Hart, Leon Brockinton, Shelby Thomas, Eddie Hubbell, Michael Holland, & Paul Roden