Every Soul Matters To God

What is the Every Soul Matters To God Initiative?

We know you believe First NLR is a place where Every Soul Matters to God and you want your friends and loved ones to experience it with you. The purpose of this initiative is to put useful tools in your hands so you can confidently communicate what your First NLR family is all about and extend an invitation to others. We are praying with you that as your friends and family members experience our love, their hearts will respond to God's love!

Common Questions People Ask About Church

What denomination is First NLR?

First NLR is a part of a global fellowship of churches known as the Assemblies of God. The above description of our beliefs is a very basic, introductory view of our doctrine. For more information about the beliefs and doctrines of the Assemblies of God, visit the AG website!

Assemblies of God Website

What are First NLR's Core Values?

Reading our Core Values is a great way for new people learn our priorities as a church. You can easily share our Core Values by sending people to the Core Values page on our website.

Core Values

What does First NLR believe about _______?

It is common for people to ask what First NLR's stance on a theological, social, political, or cultural issue is. If someone ask you about our beliefs, you can direct them to two places on our website for more information.

Our Beliefs         What We Believe Sermon Series

What does First NLR have for Kids and Students?

First NLR is blessed with incredible ministries for children and students. If someone is curious about either ministry, you can send them to the links below.

High Voltage Kids Ministry    Reality Student Ministry

What are services like at First NLR?

People commonly ask questions about First NLR's services: How long are the services?What is the worship like? What are the sermons/messages like? Sending people to our online campus is a great way to share what services at First NLR are like.

First NLR's Online Campus      First NLR's YouTube Channel

Does First NLR believe in missions?

Missions is the driving force of First NLR! We believe that every soul matters to God - and if every soul matters to Him, every soul must matter to us! We believe that Jesus commissioned us to take the Gospel, not just to our own communities and cities, but to every nation and to the ends of the earth! 

Email First NLR's Missions Pastor, Randy Jumper, for more information on our missions work in the USA and around the world.

Email Pastor Randy Jumper

Is there a dress code at First NLR?

We have a "come as you are" dress code at First NLR. We want everyone to feel welcome here regardless of their attire.

How can you invite people to FirstNLR?


Invite Cards

Invite cards are an easy way to invite friends, family, neighbors, and strangers to church. Hand them out or stage them in a place where people may pick them up and get interested in learning more about First NLR. Invite cards are available at the Connections Center counter in the main lobby!

ESMTG Invitation Card 1 - front
ESMTG Invitation Card 3 - reverse
ESMTG Invitation Card 2 - reverse
ESMTG Invitation Card 4 - front

Follow and Share FirstNLR on Social Media

Social Media is the perfect place to easily invite friends and family to events, share information about church, and allow people to see what FirstNLR is like - It's as easy as sharing our videos and posts to your personal facebook profile! If you aren't already following FirstNLR on social media, click any of the Social Media Platform icons below and click follow, subscribe, or like!

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Shareable images

Buy and Wear ESMTG Gear

Another great way to share, invite, and talk about FirstNLR is by wearing ESMTG apparel and gear! Whether its wearing a T-Shirt, putting an ESMTG sticker on your car, or drinking your morning cup of coffee from an ESMTG mug - People will notice your brand! All ESMTG gear can be purchased at the Connections Center!

New Gear