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Ministry Opportunities

At First Assembly, we know that the best way for you to get connected and stay committed to church and following Jesus is for you to get involved!  We have tons of ministry opportunities for you to be a part of!  We want you to be able to get involved in making a difference and we want to help you find your best fit for ministry!  If you're interested in finding your ministry fit, you can fill out the Ministry Match form by clicking below and we will get back with you as soon as possible so that you can get started in ministry as soon as you're ready!

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Get Connected 

Connections Classes & Groups

At First Assembly, we offer many different ways to connect with others!  We have tons of Connections Classes and Connections Groups that you can be a part of!  Try out one or a few and see which one you connect to the best!

Find a class to get connected with on Saturday nights or Sunday mornings!  Or join one of our groups that meets at another time slot during the week.  We have a wide variety of options for you to choose from, ranging from different age groups to different life stages to different interests.

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Young Adults (College and Twenty-Somethings)

Our ministry to young adults is a ton of fun!  UNITE, our service for young adults, is on Wednesday nights at 7pm in the Sanctuary.  Connections Classes are Saturdays at 6:30pm for all young adults and Sundays at 10am - Transitions (Room 202) and NXT (Room 206).  Another great place to get connected is our Men's and Women's Bible Studies every Tuesday and Wednesday!  Find out more about connecting with young adults on our social media!

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SOLO (Single Moms)

Being a single mom can be hard!  Parenting and leading your family all by yourself is no easy task.  Every day is a new challenge!  At SOLO, we’re connecting Single Moms together so that we don’t have to do this parenting thing alone.  SOLO is a group of ladies that you can talk to and ask questions and pray about anything!

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Keenagers (55+)

The Keenagers are an amazing, fun-loving group of adults, age 55 and up.  From our monthly potluck to cross-country trips, we offer activities for every interest!

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